Katherine Kinsella

Katherine Kinsella

“We bring a unique set of analytical and creative processes to bear on our work. We connect with people in a variety of ways, but always in a way that is grounded in the specifics of the case and the demographics of the class members.”

Katherine Kinsella is founder and former president of Kinsella Media and currently serves as an executive vice president of Rust Consulting. Kinsella is a leading, nationally recognized expert in the design, preparation, and dissemination of legal notice in class actions and bankruptcies.

Katherine Kinsella brings more than 35 years of experience in high-level communications strategy in the fields of advertising, marketing, and public relations. She has held creative and management oversight responsibilities for a variety of clients—ranging from political candidates and advocacy groups to national associations and corporations.

Over the past 21 years, Kinsella has developed and directed some of the largest and most complex national and international notification programs in cases involving asbestos, home siding products, infant formula, polybutylene plumbing, pharmaceuticals, securities, and tobacco. Under her leadership, Kinsella Media placed over $300 million in paid media and worked on over 700 cases.

Prior to establishing Kinsella Media, Kinsella was senior vice president and director of marketing and advertising for The Kamber Group, the largest independently owned communications company in Washington, D.C. During her 12 years at that firm, she served as director of the Public Affairs Division, which included all public relations, marketing, corporate communications, and advertising operations.

Thought Leadership

 Author, “Buyer Beware: Eight Pitfalls That Can Jeopardize Your Class Action Notice Program,” Class Action Litigation Report (July 12, 2013).

Co-Author, “Class Action Notice and Claims Administration,” Private Enforcement of Antitrust Law in the United States: A Handbook (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012).

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Co-Author, “REALITY CHECK: The State of New Media Options for Class Action Notice,” A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions (2010), Class Action Litigation Report (February 26, 2010).

Speaker, 14th Annual National Institute on Class Actions (2010), “Hey, Wait a Second (City)! I Just Got My Class Certified, Now What?!”.

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Author, “Ten Commandments of Class Action Notice,” Toxics Law Reporter (September 24, 1997).


B.A. and M.A. from Simmons College, Boston (Massachusetts)

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