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Contact us to schedule a presentation that gives your team additional insights into issues involving class action notice and administration—and, when applicable, earn CLE credits in the process.

Experienced and knowledgeable leaders from Kinsella Media and Rust Consulting regularly lead CLE presentations and not-for-credit presentations and roundtable discussions addressing evolving key issues in class action notice and claims administration. Our current CLE course list includes:

Balancing Due Process and Claims: A Conversation on Strategies to Safeguard Your Settlement

This course provides guidance on how to structure a media-based notice campaign and settlement to drive higher claims rates in class action settlements. It explains the challenges counsel encounter when seeking to meet F.R.C.P. 23 and due process requirements when notifying class members of their potential eligibility for participation in a settlement. The course provides solutions for and examples of effective media-based notice and settlement administration programs to aid in driving claims rates to levels that are more likely to receive court approval.

7 Steps to Successful Claims Administration and Notice

This course provides guidance on the most important aspects of claims administration and notice to consider during settlement negotiations. It explains how to satisfy due process and Rule 23 with appropriate notice procedures; avoid unexpected problems and costs that can compromise or complicate a settlement; and structure a claims process for maximum efficiency. The presentation details issues that can arise during the notice and administration processes and provides suggestions for effectively consulting an experienced notice provider and settlement administrator early in settlement discussions.


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