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For over 20 years, Kinsella Media has set the standard for due process notice and quantifiable measurement of audience reach. Now we are pioneering innovative programs to stimulate claims filing with creative media tactics and messaging. 

Due Process
Making sure class members know about, understand, and can act on their legal rights is the core of F.C.R.P. Rule 23. Using industry-vetted measurement processes and accredited consumer data, Kinsella Media creates notice programs that satisfy the requirements of F.C.R.P. Rule 23 and state analogs in both the letter and spirit of the statutes. No objection to our notice programs has ever been successful. In fact, when Kinsella Media develops a notice program, objections are rare.

In today’s fragmented media market, due process notice isn’t always enough: getting the attention of class members may require extra effort. Emerging technologies and communication channels provide ever-expanding ways to reach class members and motivate them to take action.

Claims Stimulation
Emerging technologies give media practitioners more control than ever before over how and when consumers are exposed to messages. The brilliance of these new options is how they can supplement and complement due process notice to target class members and stimulate claims.

Kinsella Media is pioneering new ways to generate claims with targeted Internet, where digital programs are analyzed in near real-time, strategies can be immediately altered, and resources can be shifted. Programs build upon what works and discard or change what does not. Cutting-edge TV, once thought to be too expensive, has become more cost-efficient and targetable, delivering a higher response. Simplified claim forms and reminder messages assure engagement and participation. See some recent results.

Using a foundation of measured reach and the ever-improving targeting tools in digital and social media, we create effective, efficient, customized media programs for each case. This creative strategy ensures that a majority of class members have the opportunity to see the notice, and those most likely to file a claim are given more opportunities to take action. 

The Art and Science of Legal Notification
The art is finding a case-appropriate balance between due process reach and focused placements targeting those most likely to take action, while building frequency to increase response. The science is the careful measurement of ad exposures that forms the basis of due process.


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