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Kinsella Media’s notice programs reaching class members in plumbing, roofing, siding, radiant heating, stucco, and other building product cases have resulted in millions of filed claims.

Selected Case Experience: Building Materials and Products

United Desert Charities v. Sloan Valve Company, No. CV12-06878 SJO (C.D. Cal.).
  • Case: $18 million settlement - Product Defect. 
  • Class Membership: Owners of Series 503 Flushmate III Pressure Assist Flushing System 
  • Notice Program: Postcard notice was sent to identifiable class members. Kinsella Media also placed advertising in consumer magazines and plumbing trade publications and on the Internet. 
  • Highlights: The photo of the Flushmate System toilet in the notice materials allowed consumers to immediately identify themselves as class members.
  • Creative: View the print ad.

In re Imprelis® Herbicide Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation, No. 2:11-md-2284 (MDL 2284) (E.D. Pa.).
  • Case: Claims-made settlement - Product Defect.
  • Class Membership: Residential and commercial property owners whose trees were damaged as well as licensed applicators of Imprelis® who incurred costs for damaged trees.
  • Notice Program: This coordinated campaign used a multimedia news release, direct notice, national consumer magazines, and TV in 46 local media markets.
  • Highlights: Graphic, colored pictures in the advertising materials allowed class members to view and recognize the different types of tree damage. 
  • Creative: View the TV spot, print ad, and multimedia news release.

In re Building Materials Corp. of America Asphalt Roofing Shingle Prods. Liab. Litig., No. 8:11- 02000 (D. S.C.).
  • Case: Claims-made settlement – Product Defect.
  • Class Membership: Owners of property in the United States with Timberline® Shingles 
  • Notice Program: Direct notice to current property owners. Broad based media program including TV advertising, consumer magazines, newspaper supplements, social media, and banner advertising. 
  • Highlights: Creative TV ad using graphical treatment of potential damage.
  • Creative: View the TV spot.

Cox v. Shell Oil Co., No. 18,844 (Tenn. Ch. Ct. Obion County).
  • Case: Over $1.1 billion settlement - Product Defect. 
  • Class Membership: Property owners with defective polybutelene plastic pipe.
  • Notice Program: Over a period of 12 years, four notice programs were implemented using network and cable TV, Internet, national consumer magazines, newspaper supplements, and local newspapers.
  • Highlights: Over 2.5 million consumers responded to the notice programs. Hundreds of media stories appeared as a result of extensive outreach to media outlets. 
  • Creative: View the TV spot.

Galanti v. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Entran II Radiant Heating Settlement, No. 03-209 (D.N.J.).
  • Case: $300 million U.S. and Canadian settlement - Product Defect. 
  • Class Membership: Consumers who owned property with Entran II Radiant Heating used in homes and snow melting systems.
  • Notice Program: In the United States, notices appeared in English and Spanish in consumer magazines, U.S. territorial newspapers, trade publications, and on geographically targeted TV in areas where a high volume of the product was installed. Canadian notice included French and English notices in newspapers and consumer magazines. Press releases were issued in both countries.
  • Highlights: Multiple follow up programs were implemented.
  • Creative: View the TV Spot.

Posey v. Dryvit Systems, Inc., No. 17,715-IV (Tenn. Cir. Ct. Jefferson County).
  • Case: Claims-made settlement - Product Defect.
  • Class Membership: Owners of residential properties clad with Exterior Insulation and Finish System components manufactured by Dryvit Systems, Inc. 
  • Notice Program: A multimedia program consisting of national consumer magazines, national newspaper supplements, and earned media activities, including an audio news release. Third Party notification targeted individuals and organizations, including homebuilders, contractors, real estate agents, and home inspectors. 
  • Highlights: Through an analysis of sales and distribution records, Kinsella Media was able to target additional paid and earned media in local areas where the majority of the Dryvit product was used.

Naef v. Masonite Corp., No. CV-94-4033 (Ala. Cir. Ct. Mobile County).
  • Case: Claims-made settlement - Product Defect.
  • Class Membership: Property owners with Masonite Hardwood Siding on their property.
  • Notice Program: Targeting geographic areas where more than 50 million linear feet of Masonite Hardboard siding was sold, Kinsella Media used extensive spot TV in 16 U.S. markets to notify consumers of the settlement. TV advertising was supported by multiple insertions in ten of the largest circulating national consumer magazines.
  • Highlights: The notice program reached over 90% of the target audiences with over $800 million in claims paid over a ten-year period.

Smith v. Behr Process Corp., No. 98-2-06635 (Wash. Super. Ct. Camden County).

In re Louisiana–Pacific Corp. Inner Seal OSB Trade Practices Litigation, No. C-95-3178, MDL 1114 (N.D. Cal.).

Richison v. Weyerhaeuser Co. Ltd., No. 005532 (Cal. Super. Ct. San Joaquin County).

Shake Roofing Cases, No. 4208 (Cal. Super. Ct. Contra Costa County).

Ruff v. Parex, Inc., No. 96 CVS 0059 (N.C. Super. Ct. Hanover County).

“The Court finds the notice program is excellent. As specified in the findings below, the evidence supports the conclusion that the notice program is one of the most comprehensive class notice campaigns ever undertaken." 

W. Michael Maloan, Chancellor 
Cox v. Shell Oil Co., No. 18,844 (Tenn. Ch. Ct. Obion County).


In re Imprelis® Herbicide Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation
, No. 2:11-md-2284 (MDL 2284) (E.D. Pa.).