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Elaine is responsible for developing, implementing, and analyzing media measurements across domestic and international multichannel media platforms. In addition to her analytical skills, she leads the coordinated digital marketing strategy for cases. She directs the development of digital creative, such as high-impact banner ads to captivate users’ attention within a fragmented media landscape. 

Since joining Kinsella Media in 2007, Elaine has established a strong portfolio of successful campaigns and helped pioneer claims stimulation programs with measurable results. She is a member of the firm's leadership team, which includes overall firm leadership and leadership of media strategies. Elaine’s credentials include Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification, demonstrating her expertise with the core principles of social media marketing, and IAB Digital Media Buying and Planning Certification, the industry’s only globally recognized credential. Elaine is also a member of the IAB Certification Exam Committee, a group of 12-14 industry experts who work together to ensure that the certification exams stay current with the industry’s changing ecosystem by developing exam questions, reviewing exam content, and advising on the passing score of the exam.

Before joining Kinsella Media, Elaine worked with many top brands (including General Mills, Air Wick, Jet-Dry, Comedy Central, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, and Geox), leveraging her expertise across all channels with a data-driven focus to achieve results
Elaine is fluent in Cantonese



M.B.A. Strayer University (2009)

B.S. Marketing Pennsylvania State University (2004)


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  Shannon Wheatman, Ph.D.

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